The Current Generation of Hearing Aids Disguise as Earbuds?

In the 17th century, the world received the first-ever hearing device that can aid hearing-impaired people to hear better. It looked more like an ear trumpet, came in a number of shapes and sizes and were made of everything from sheet iron to animal horns. There were no electrical circuit, just a simple mechanical amplification.

ear trumpet hearing aid
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In 1898, Miller Reese Hutchison invented the first electric hearing aid that uses electric current to amplify weak audio signals. The idea was commercialized in 1913 with the cumbersome and immobile design.

With the invention of transistors in 1948, the hearing aid has become smaller and uses less battery power as well as less distortion. The booming of microprocessor technology in 1970 leads to the evolution of miniature hearing aid with better design and practicality.

The idea of creating digital hearing aids with better features started with the creation of high-speed processors and microcomputers in 1980.

Nowadays, hearing aids are more than what it was thought before. More sophisticated sensors are now able to be fitted in a single mini hearing aid which leads to various unimaginable features such as step counter, brain activity monitoring, hearing aid tracking, direct audio streaming, auto-reminder, self-check and many more.

Circa™ AI

Circa™ AI, the world's first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence features are moving forward beyond its competitors.

The successor, Circa EDGE AI is the first and only smartphone-connected rechargeable custom hearing aid in the market.

It is designed to look stylish and trendy, sleek and sophisticated without compromising sound quality and technology.

Here are plenty of reasons why it is time to finally look into treating your hearing loss or why you should swap out your old bulky pair of hearing aids for something sleek and discreet!

Circa EDGE Custom Rechargeable
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The Best Sound Quality

The sound quality is king.

With the latest Thrive platform, this is the best sounding hearing aid equipped with Hearing Reality Pro and Artificial Intelligence (AI) features that is smarter, faster and more efficient.


It is rechargeable! You can charge them while you sleep or when not in use with the portable charger and they’re good to go all day.

One fully charge custom rechargeable hearing aid can last up to 24 hours. There are no batteries to worry about, fumble with or buy.

Ease of Usage

They won’t budge when you wear or remove your face mask or glasses especially in the ‘new normal’ way of life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This can help to prevent hearing aids from falling out or go missing! If that still happens, Thrive app could track the last location of your hearing aid via a GPS system.

mask with hearing aid


This type of hearing aid is custom moulded to your ear, so they’re snug and comfortable.

It is personalized and tailor-made only for you - there’s not another pair anywhere in the world exactly like yours!


This type of hearing aid is custom moulded to your ear, so they’re snug and comfortable. It is personalized and tailor-made only for you - there’s not another pair anywhere in the world exactly like yours!


Deliver More Natural Sound

If you don’t like missing out on conversations and social activities, you won’t with these. Custom hearing aids help deliver a more natural sound to their wearers. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, the microphone rests in the ear itself, unlike the standard hearing aid in which the mic is placed behind the pinna. This lets them take advantage of the ear pinna to first “funnel” sounds to the microphone and mimic the ear’s natural process.

The experienced Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid users will notice the improvement in localization once they change to a custom type hearing aid.

Stylish Design

No one would know the device in your ears are hearing aids — they literally just look like futuristic ear pods with several colour options that match your skin tone.

Furthermore, with the current modern technology, you can talk on the phone, listen to music or football news while you’re driving, cooking, or even when you’re going for a hike via direct audio streaming from your smartphone to your hearing aids.

Circa EDGE hearing aid

There are no more unjustified reasons for people to avoid hearing aids as they bring more benefit for their hearing and overall health in general.

The Audiologists and Hearing Care Professionals in The Hearing Solution Company will help each client to choose the best style of hearing aid based on the client’s hearing level and preferences.