Our Core Philosophy

Our Vision

Providing complete Hearing and Communication Healthcare, using the latest testing procedure, equipment & therapy to develop, restore or enhance Hearing & Central auditory perception.

Our Mission

Compassionately helping each individual to find his/her best personal long-term Hearing and Communication solution, regardless of age, hearing problem and budget.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being in the health care field we see every day the impact and hardship some less fortunate families and individuals are facing. We are honoured to be able to use our abilities, and know how to help as many of the less fortunate as we can.

Professional Team

At The Hearing Solution Company, our professional team consists of both Audiologists and Hearing Care Consultants. We have audiologists with Master and Bachelor Degree certifications from UK, India and Malaysia.

Our Hearing Centres

Our centres are slightly different depending on building layout and services provided, all are designed with the latest technology and the patients comfort and convenience in mind. Visit any of our hearing centres for a FREE hearing test today.

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Book a FREE hearing test session today with our consultant at any of the 3 hearing centers nationwide.



Puan Atikah is very patience in explaining the procedure of selecting the best solution to my hearing issue. She’s also very detail and patience when testing the hearing aid.

Thanks for her kind, clear & attentive to solve my hearing problem.



I am very satisfied with the services provided by The Hearing Solution Co at Klang Branch.

I can hear better with the Hearing Aid.




Saya amat berpuas hati menggunakan alat pendengaran ini yang telah dibekallan oleh syarikat ini. Pendengaran saya semakin jelas dan selesa sekali. Kerjasama dan layanan yang diberikan oleh pembekal tidak diragui dan sangat memuaskan.

Terima kasih.