How We Charge

The Hearing Solution Company, being GDPMD certified, does its best to be as clear and open as to how it charges its customers for Services and Products. Whenever possible, we unbundle our prices to ensure one only pays for services which are used. We strive to provide you with the most convenient, transparent and cost-effective solutions.


Hearing Solution prices include all you need to get started on your journey to better hearing and mental health.

This includes:

  • A full hearing and central auditory processing evaluation as well as a comprehensive hearing impact index questionnaire.
  • Hearing instruments for both ears based on your hearing prescription, in the style option and end-user features, which you select.
  • Programming of hearing instruments to provide you the most comfortable hearing experience and benefits possible based on your hearing and current cognitive abilities.
  • 6 to 12 months’ supply of batteries.
  • Routine and complimentary aftercare to ensure your instruments function at their best.


Customers who are fit monaurally (one ear only) are done so out of medical necessity.

If, for personal reasons rather than medical necessity, you choose to use only one instrument you will need to sign a waiver that you have been made aware of the negative effects of providing your brain with auditory input from one side only.

In such cases, the regular package price applies, but all the benefits stay the same as the Hearing Solutions package.


3 Years Warranty applicable for all NuEar Hearing Instruments.

1-to-1 exchanged applicable for NuEar Hearing Instruments (BTE & RIC).

Packages included comprehensive hearing assessment, hearing instruments programming & complimentary aftercare for 3 years.

Free Bundle Accessories: 20 packs of batteries for Binaural Hearing Instruments, Complete Set of Hearing Care Kit (Air Blower, Digital Battery Tester, 10 pcs of Cleaning Tissues & 1 pc of Drying Capsule and Brusher). 


Routine aftercare helps to ensure your devices are maintained properly and that you have all the information you need to use your devices to their full benefit. These brief appointments take no more than 10-20 minutes and include:

  • Instrument cleaning and minor in-shop servicing
  • Maintenance of some external parts
  • Minor programming adjustments
  • Teaching/re-teaching you how to use the hearing aids or some technology your hearing aid offers

*This service is for complimentary for all our customers using our prescriptive hearing solutions. If you are not our customer, please follow this link for price information and how to reserve an appointment.


We like to make sure that you get the most benefit from your prescribed hearing solutions. As your cognitive abilities improve from consistent daily use of the hearing aids you need to return quarterly for your follow-up appointment. This will enable us to reprogram your hearing aids based on your cognitive development and ensure continuing cognitive recovery and better hearing results.

At each follow-up appointment, we keep track of your cognitive function development, hearing impact score and hearing aid programming. To follow up consistently is very important, especially within the first 9 months.

* This service is for all our customers using our prescript hearing solutions. If you are not our customer, please follow this link for price information and how to make an appointment.


After one full year of using our hearing solutions we need to do a full re-assessment of your hearing and your cognitive abilities. This reassessment will take 1-2 hours and will be a repetition of all the assessments we did initially. Using your initial results as a baseline  to show any changes and improvements.

It will cover full-battery of assessments, a comprehensive questionnaire on your hearing experiences as well as a cognitive assessment.  You will be provided with a full clinical report for your files, to keep track of your long-term hearing and cognitive development.

*Please follow this link for price information and how to make an appointment.


Whereas the use of your prescribed hearing solutions will gradually improve your hearing, central auditory and cognitive abilities, for many customers it will be necessary or highly beneficial to attend regular rehabilitation sessions.

Individualized for each customer, these rehabilitation sessions will be done on a monthly or quarterly schedule. Each time we will set specific hearing and cognitive objectives for you to  work on your own at in-between sessions. Each session will take 1-2 hours and you will be provided with a full clinical progress report for your file, for you to keep track of your long-term hearing and cognitive development.

*Please follow this link for price information and how to make an appointment.