Hearing Aid Repair Charges

All NuEar Hearing comes with 3 years warranty period.
During the warranty period, faulty NuEar Hearing Aids will be on 1-to-1 exchange free-of-charge.


Technology Replacement Fee (4th year) Replacement Fee (5th year)

Premium Digital RM 1,990 RM 2,190

Advanced Digital RM 1,490 RM 1,690

Select Digital RM 990 RM 1,190

Low Digital RM 690 RM 890

Basic Digital RM 490 RM 690


– 1-to-1 replacement (BTE & RIC) of the defective device with a refurbished hearing aid of the identical model or Repair (custom hearing aids)
   with 6 months warranty.

-  Price shown is valid for BTE and RIC (hearing aids body only)

- Additional RM 200 per unit for a rechargeable hearing aid. 

- Additional RM 250 per unit for a custom model.

– 1-to-1 exchange will take approx. 1 working day (for BTE and RIC)

– 1-to-1 exchange policy is only valid for Malaysia between the 4th to the 5th year of ownership, from the date of purchase by the customer.

– The company reserves the right to reject a replacement “repair” if there is a good reason to believe that the hearing aid has been abused and misused.

– The original hearing aid must be given to the company in exchange for the “replacement” set.


Brands Charges

Signia RM 200 – RM 900

Bernafon RM 500 – RM 2,000

BHM RM 500 – RM 2,000


– Price varies depending on technology level and repair range (minor / major).

– All repairs will take approx. 7 to 14 working days.

– Hearing Instrument is considered “Beyond Economical Repair” if: i) Shell & faceplate are damaged. ii) No parts available. iii) Hearing instrument is more than 5 years from the date of purchase.

– All repairs come with a 3 months warranty on the specific electronic parts replaced which is not caused by human errors.



Hearing Aid Type Charges

BTE Analog RM 300.00 – RM 900.00

BTE Digital RM 300.00  – RM 1,400.00

Custom Analog RM 450.00 – RM 1,500.00

Custom Digital RM 450.00 – RM 1,900.00

Cros/Bicros & Eyeglass Bone Conduction RM 500.00 – RM 2,500.00


– The price above does not include the shipping charge.

– All customers will need to pay for a shipping charge of RM 200.00 for all type of repairs.

– Replacement hearing aids comes with a 3 months warranty.