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Which hearing aids will suit me best?

Nowadays, there are so many solutions to hearing loss. Hearing aids are the most common worldwide. Unlike cochlear implants or other interventions, hearing aids are much cheaper, non-invasive, and will immediately enhance your hearing performance.

However, it can be difficult for new users to determine which hearing aid model and price level are most suitable. There are various brands, technology levels, features, and styles that make up the price of a pair of hearing aids.


Know The Degree

First things first. You have to know the degree, configuration and type of your hearing loss before the audiologist or hearing care professional can suggest suitable technology to improve your hearing.

If you have heard of the term “Hearing Aid Channels”, you might want to go for the highest number of channels, expecting that the higher number equals better sound quality and better hearing.

However, don’t be fooled by the number of channels; too few channels will make your hearing feel “imbalanced” but too many may distort the sound.

Your Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional will recommend just the right number of channels to make you hear your best and most comfortable.


How quickly will you be able to adapt to your “new normal”

The next question is: how quickly will you be able to adapt to your “new normal”?

When you have had hearing loss for some time, you forgot some sounds, which the hearing aids now instantly making you hear again.

For example, if you have had a mild to moderate hearing loss for nine or ten years and have not heard or noticed the soft sounds such as the fan or air conditioners.

You have lived in a silent world without these sounds stimulating your brain. Suddenly when you are correcting your hearing, you will start to hear all those background sounds (noise) again and it might initially cause discomfort and exhaustion.


This is where sophisticated hearing aid technology and our support at The Hearing Solution Company plays an important role.

Advanced hearing aids will improve your hearing gradually, giving you time to adjust to hearing all the sounds you forgot again. You will feel comfortable throughout your journey to better hearing.


Maintenance Cost

Other things that you should consider when choosing your hearing aids are maintenance cost and extra features.

How long is the warranty period? How much are batteries or service charges during your first 3 years of hearing aid usage?


3 Years Warranty

At The Hearing Solution Company, we are offering peace of mind with 3 years’ warranty and One to One exchange for all hearing aid models within the warranty period.

We also provide the cheapest high-quality hearing aid batteries in town. Or, you may opt for our rechargeable option which is more convenient at a very low additional cost.

Additionally, our hearing aids can be fully customized with many additional features and convenience to suit your requirements.

Our hearing aids may be equipped with direct audio streaming from your phone to your hearing aids. Once a luxury, today audio streaming has become an affordable feature that you should have.


Artificial Intelligence

Todays Hearing aids, besides making you hear better again, are equipped with artificial intelligence.

Together with embedded sensors and machine learning, they are “health able” devices to track your body and brain activity, and even have a fall detection and alert.



Your journey to better hearing might not be easy. You have to make the correct decision on which model suits your hearing level, lifestyle and is best value for money.

Here at The Hearing Solution Company, we can ease your decision-making process and help you choose the best hearing aids most suitable for all your needs and requirements.