The Process

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

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  • How It Compares to Other Treatments

The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment has been developed and refined over more than 10 years of research and clinical practice. Its success has been demonstrated in clinical trials involving hundreds of people with tinnitus and reduced sound tolerance.

What is involved?

As tinnitus differs from person to person, and even from ear to ear, treatment is customised to suit each particular individual. Treatment takes approximately 6 months and there are 5 key stages

Step 1: Comprehensive Personalised Assessment

Before commencing treatment, one of our specialist audiologists will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your tinnitus and hearing to determine your audiological profile. Based on this evaluation, they will discuss the most appropriate treatment options with you and recommend whether or not Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment can help you.

Step 2: Processor Configuration

Once your audiological profile is determined, your Neuromonics Processor will be customised with your individual prescription. The Processor is a medical device that´s small and lightweight - approximately the same size and weight of a mobile phone, and accompanied by high fidelity earphones. It delivers a pleasant acoustic signal (embedded in music) at a comfortable listening level. This sound stimulates a wide range of auditory pathways, as well as the emotional (limbic) system and the autonomic nervous system of the brain - which in turn, decreases disturbance from tinnitus over the course of your treatment.

Step 3: Pre-Conditioning Stage

The main goal of the Pre-Conditioning Stage of treatment is to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms while using the treatment. This occurs as the Processor delivers an acoustic signal that has a high level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. During this stage you are required to listen to the treatment (through earphones) for at least two hours each day although some people prefer to listen to it longer. As the treatment can be used at different times throughout the day you may also begin to experience control over your tinnitus, instead of having the tinnitus controlling you. Support and education is provided throughout this stage by a Neuromonics clinician. This stage typically lasts for 2 months.

Step 4: Active Treatment Stage

Unlike the Pre-Conditioning Stage of treatment that provides relief from your tinnitus while using your Processor, the aim of the Active Treatment Stage is to begin to gain relief from your tinnitus outside of treatment times. The acoustic signal used in this stage of treatment is changed from the first stage of treatment. The aim of the new acoustic signal is to deliver an intermittent or lower level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. This allows desensitization to occur, which is proven to be efficient and effective at reducing the associated disturbance and impact on quality of life. As in the first stage of treatment, you will also be required to use the treatment for at least 2 hours a day, however as this stage progresses and tinnitus awareness and disturbance typically reduce so does the daily treatment dose. This stage of treatment typically lasts for 4 months.

Step 5: Maintenance Stage

After a successful program of treatment lasting six months, a maintenance program is devised for each individual to manage and control their tinnitus independently of clinician support. Many users find they may not feel the need to use the Processor any more. If they do continue listening, it's usually for less often and for less time each day to maintain the benefits achieved.