Hearing Aids, Hearing Instruments

Hearing Aids (Hearing Instruments) improve speech understanding in various situations and support the many functions of the human hearing. As the kind and degree of hearing loss varies from person to person and even sometimes from ear to ear, there are different hearing instrument models which are tailored to specific hearing losses and which take into account personal needs.

Hearing aids and instruments are distinguished by design and technology.



microStyle generation models: The state-of-the art microStyle hearing instruments are small and feather-light. The ergonomic design, combined with the extremely thin tubing, results in a uniquely satisfying cosmetic solution. They disappear behind your ear and you forget you are wearing them ¨C until your hear the astonishing difference they make.

microBTE - (Behind The Ear)


In-The-Ear model (ITE) models: The unobtrusive hearing instruments that are worn in the ear. Aesthetically pleasing, they cover hearing losses from mild to medium. The smallest ITE-models are called CIC (Completely-in-Canal), they can be worn completely in the canal and are therefore hardly visible.



Digital: Microprocessors (digital signal processing) guarantee highest signal processing and fitting flexibility in addition to providing maximum speech understanding. Individual preferences and needs can be taken into account. Individual and sophisticated.

Digitally programmable: Analog technology, which is programmed via Software (PC) for the best possible adaptation of the conventional signal processing to the hearing loss. Economic and effective.

Analog: Conventional technology for all degrees of hearing loss. The fitting is performed with control elements directly on the hearing instrument. Well-priced and proven technology.

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