Cochlear Implants

Disclaimer Info: Information on this page courtesy of Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics provides by far the closest electrical representation of normal hearing of any Cochlear Implant today.

The Advanced Bionics implant features 120 channel (frequency / pitch) technology, 80 dB dynamic range and up to 83,000 stimulations per second (pps). This equals up to 5.5 times more frequency resolution, 1.5 times more uncompressed dynamic range and up to 1.5 times higher sound resolution than its closest competitor.

AB's unique lifestyle line of sound processors, including Naida CI Q70 (Nai­da CI) and Neptune, has been designed to suit all ages, lifestyles, weather, activities, and terrain.

Naida CI Q70


AB offers the industry's most flexible wearing styles to meet your needs. With the introduction of Naida CI, the market's first featherlite instyle design has arrived. Slim and trim, Naida CI sound processors are incredibly lightweight for barely noticeable on or off-ear wearing while maintaining optimal microphone placement. 


Neptune Processor


For those who prefer to never wear anything on the ear, the Neptune processor features the only swimmable freestyle design giving you the freedom to choose your wearing style in your hair, on your arm, under your collar, in your pocket without compromising performance.